Set in a widely unknown time period when medieval knights bearing duct tape swords ruled suburban kingdoms, Jonathan Pierce’s film Cai Chi, tells the story of a squire (Jonathan Pierce) and his liege, King Moorasia (Jason White) ruler of the Aminianites. Approached by the land’s deceitful warlord, King Burtok (Kent Meister) with an offer to merge their two kingdoms, King Moorasia makes a fatal deal leaving the fate of the Kindgom in Squire’s hands. Forsaken and alone, Squire must find it within himself to defeat King Burtok’s head knight Sasson (Brian Spratt), or let his kingdom fall in to the hands of the evil one… Check out other films by Jonathan Pierce at

  • I can assure you Moorasia, we will begin sanitation immediately!

    King Bartok
  • You will bring me the salad of Ambrosia now, or I will restrict you from your slip & slide for twelve days and twelve nights.

    King Moorasia
  • Time for a little trimming? Short in front, long in back? - Never!!

    Sasson & Squire